Thursday, January 11, 2018

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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Water ONLY hair method...sort of

I have extremely fine blonde hair. When I say fine, I mean baby fine. All 47 years of my life I have heard over and over, your hair is fine the shampoo is going to ruin it, blah blah blah.  Now that I am older, boy do I wish I would have listened. I washed my hair, EVERY SINGLE DAY! I RUINED IT!
I was desperately surfing the net looking for the ultimate easy cheap hair fix, for this blonde rats nest of a  mess and I kept stumbling over the No Poo Method. WTF is the no POO method? What kind of name is that? As I read and dug deeper I heard all sorts of bad stuff about shamPOO, how it causes hair loss, dandruff and all kinds of crap, not to mention all the harmful chemicals and the cost of the shamPOO and cream rinse itself. I read up on how to keep the yucky smell out of your hair, how to keep the  greasiness down to a minimum and your hair manageable and beautiful.

Did I really want to jump into the "hippy" culture and try this no POO method? Did I really want to go around with dirty stinky hair? It just sounds oh so gross!  ...but on the other hand if its all falling out...would this save the  few strands of hair I have left?  Really what do I have to lose, oh wait my hair! 

All the websites said to use baking soda mixture and apple cider vinegar in a spray bottle. I ran to the cupboard and yup I had both, now for the spray bottle. The only thing I could find was an 3/4 empty hairspray bottle. I would not be needing that crap anymore because my head is going green. I washed and rewashed and REWASHED the bottle added a ounce of apple cider vinegar and the rest water. Mixed up my baking soda concoction in my Tupperware container and jumped in the shower. 

I wet my hair and grabbed a big gob of the baking soda and water and worked it into my head. There was no lather but I already knew there would not be. I rinsed and then I rinsed again. My hair felt thick and greasy. Gawd I hope this is going to work. I then sprayed my head with the vinegar mixture and let it set on my head while I washed the rest of myself. Once I rinsed my hair, which took forever to get it all out and what I hoped not smelling like an Easter Egg,  I cool water rinsed, after all that is what the internet said to do, and if you read it on the internet it has to be true! :)

Once I got my hair towel dried it was the moment of truth. The entire time I am thinking I will NEVER be able to get a comb through this without my beloved cream rinse. Boy was I wrong! It combed out easier than if I had used a cream rinse! WOW! So far so good! I combed, blowdryed and styled as usual. Again I was surprised. My hair not only felt clean it looked clean and yes the frizzies were not as bad.  Maybe this is going to work out after all!

They said it would take about 6 weeks for the sebum on your scalp to balance out and become healthy again. At my age I hope it only takes 6 weeks, less would be better! You can also mist your hair with natural oils, such as lavender oil. For now I will go without the scents. ( I don't have anything!)

You only need to use the baking soda and vinegar once a week, the rest of the week just plain water.Once your scalp adjust you will only need the baking soda and vinegar spray when you want a deep clean. 

Dale of course will be my hair sniffer because I am not going around with a stinky head! I will keep you all updated on this and if I follow through with it I will do before and after pics.
 The worse case scenario for this is that I will  have a dirty head for the next 6 weeks, if I last that long...
Best case scenario, I will have beautiful shiny hair without the hair loss and without the cost of shampoo. Think of all the room it will save in my shower bag for the truck! 

NOTE: They did say to trim the ends of your hair before hand. I did not do that.

This has been one of the best things I have done! My hair is soft and shiny. The frizzies are almost gone!  I have been using Dr. Bronners Tea Tree Castile soap. Just a drop, lather in your hands and wash. I also got Nature Gate Daily Conditoner. It is a thick brown, very strong smelling conditioner. I love the stuff! Its awesome! Why didnt I do this 30 years ago! 

I Hate Mornings...

We had to get up early today, about 3:30ish. of course was still dark. Then we had to trudge across the poorly lit lot, wind blowing and dark ice patches and/or the occasional mud hole we made it inside.  How I manage to make it from the truck to the coffee pot in the morning I will never know. My eyes are always half closed, my head is down, my hood is up and I look like, well that I just crawled out of bed. Thank gawd the hubs is guiding my way, if it weren't for him I would aimlessly roam around the dark parking lot looking for the front door all confused and shit. 

Once we make it to the coffee pot things start to look up, until the morning I gotta pee hits me. We don't have the convince of waking up and peeing. We have to wait, and how that wait seems to take forever some mornings. Those are usually the mornings we are parked WAY across the lot, the mornings where the line to buy the shower and pay for the coffee is 20 deep. Yes, I could use the porta pottie in the truck, but morning pees are big pees! That would mean filling it up faster and the need to empty it sooner. It may not seem like a problem, but trust me, it can be a big deal. 

Finally we get a shower room. First thing a girl does is pee.  Ahhh! Then the regular morning ritual, brushing teeth, figuring out how to turn the shower on. Some days that is a problem. Some of those showers are confusing to a half asleep person. You have to figure out how turn it on, which way is hot. After about 5 minutes of fiddling with the temp, I spend another 3 min, fiddling with the shower head. I like my hot water over my head, not 3 feet above me on the back shower wall. Being short doesn't help reaching some of those shower heads either.  I am stretched as far as I can on my tip toes trying to reach the shower head, just to aim it down a tad. Once in awhile I need to stand on the shower chair to reach it. Those mornings I only hope and pray they don't have hidden cameras in there. If they did they would surely wonder what the hell I was doing climbing around on a chair naked. 

Once I am in the shower, I wonder again if I bolted the door, that usually happens about the time I have soap on my face, so I try to open one eye and peek over to make sure it's locked. When I see that it is, for the 100th time, I finish getting the soap out of my eyes.  
 I finish my shower, get dressed. Do the usual hair, face  etc. pack up my shower bag and trudge back to the truck for the next morning ritual, walking the dogs...

Sunday, December 16, 2012

My AWESOME Neighbors.

We hear a lot about neighbors that are truly horrid, but how often do we hear about wonderful ones?
 Well this is about the best neighbors anybody could ever ask for.

Our neighbors put up with a lot from us, especially when we first moved in and when we rented the house. Loud noises in the middle of the night. Blaring music. Drunken brawls. Rowdy drunken parties. They had their yard flooded when our renters pool broke. And again when the water pipes broke. Did they bitch,  
 NO instead they called us and let us know our pipe had broken!

Our neighbors are a wonderful family. Kind, caring and generous. That is a hard trait to find today. I remember Joyce filling up coffee cups on the night of the flood. She didn't  have to do that. But the wonderful person she is she didn't even blink an eye to do it. She is always there to help even in the worst of times. 

We are gone a lot. Our neighbors are so awesome they let us know when strange things are going on at our house. Some would consider that being nosy. I consider it a very good deed indeed! They let us know when we have packages stuck on the front porch, or when we have people spilling crap in front of our house.
My neighbors are so awesome we get treats delivered to our door step! And when I say awesome I mean AWESOME YUMMY TREATS
I love our neighbors.

I wish I could do more for our neighbors. I don't rightly know what. I don't cook. We are never home. When we are we are noisy "bad" neighbors. (The hubby likes to work on things in the garage and rev up engines). I wish I could tell them how much I appreciate the things they do for us, how kind and loving they are. I would not trade my neighbors for any other neighbors in the world.

Dick, Joyce, "Mom" and Tucker. The worlds best neighbors. Thank you! 

Friday, December 14, 2012

Sad Day

Today is a very sad day. A day that should never have happened. Senseless act of cruelty. We can all ask ourselves why, and we may never know why this animal did what he. What he was thinking at the time he did this, or during the hours, hours, days, weeks or years that led up to this abhorrent, monstrous act.
What kind of person can walk into a classroom of young children, see the looks on their faces and start shooting them? This is the unthinkable. The unimaginable. 
There have been a few school shootings. A few to many. But when the lives of innocent very young children are taken it just kind of shakes your moral being. It pulls at your heart. It confuses you. And it pisses you off!

I cannot say anymore about this as I am at a loss for words.

Prayers to all of the victims and their families.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Dianne, My Best Friend, My Confidant

5 1/2 years ago I met a woman at that time I thought she was a strange woman indeed. We met in the oddest way, and now that I look back on it I wish things had went different.
We had just moved into our house and Dale's brother came over for a visit, of course he did not bring Dianne with. He ended up getting drunk and was unable to drive, so as usual Dianne came to rescue him. Instead of coming into the house she sat out in the driveway and blew her horn. I mean she blew and blew and blew the dam thing. I wanted to smack her upside her head! The ass that I am, I ran out the door screaming and yelling at her. I told her to come into the house and have some drinks with us. She flat out said no.
Little did I know that Doug had been filling her head with all kinds of crap. He told her that I was asking him out on dates, and I liked him better than I did my own husband.  Boy that was sure the furthest thing from the truth!
This bitterness we had went on for two more years, two long years wasted...
Two long years I could have gotten to know Dianne...
Then one day 
I had it.
Dianne and I talked.
 And talked we did.
 For hours chatting back and forth on the internet. She became one of my best friends. We had so much in common. We knew things, big things, crappy things, things you don't want to talk about to anyone, secrets about our husbands and their family. 
We talked. We cried. We laughed. 
We became friends.
Very good friends.
She became my confidant.
And I became hers.
Things were going great.

Then all hell broke lose between a snobby group of women and I. Dianne was my God send. She was the only one that stood by me. Dianne was the only one there for me.
She was the only one who knew and understood how I was feeling. 

 Here is a note that Dianne sent to the group. This is a note that I will cherish forever.

I'm not exactly sure who it that's causing Veronica problems but there's no reason for this. 
I like Veronica & we seem to share alot of the same views on the world. I love how she doesn't hold back & says what she feels unlike alot of people who are hard to read. Everybody on this post I really like. If I were a person who liked hanging with people this would be my hang out group. I've been burned too many times to want to hang with people. I suggest if you want to hang out with  XXXX & Veronica do it on separate times & don't back stab the other one when the other one's not there. Everything always gets back to the person you're talking about. Someone's always ready to smear it in your face what so & so said about you. If you have a problem with Veronica no matter how small tell her to her face. Veronica would tell you. That's what I like about her she's so forward. Granted Veronica & I fought like cats & dogs for the first four years we knew each other. But no more when we realized how pointless it was & who the culprit was behind it all the back stabbing.

 We got the call  while on the road.
I still go numb thinking about it.
What am I going to do without her?
Who do I turn to?
Who do I laugh with?
Who do I cry with?
We came home for the funeral. As the hour approached I could not do it. I could not go to her funeral. I could not see her cold and dead.
 My heart was broken.
 My best friend was gone. 
I prayed,
 Dianne please understand. Understand that I cannot see you like this. 
I don't want to remember you like this. I won't do it. 
Dianne, I love you dearly.
I will never forget you.
I will never accept that you are not with us.
As you will always be with us.
I will remember you the way you were.
Rosy cheeks, and twinkling eyes.
That is how I will see you.
Dianne, please understand...
As no one else does.

Dianne my dear friend passed away March 19, 2012 from a fatal asthma attack that could have been prevented. I told her she needed to go to the doctor, I told her to go...

I know for certain that we never lose the people we love, even to death.
They continue to participate in every act, thought and decision we make. 
Their love leaves an indelible imprint in our memories. 
We find comfort in knowing that our lives have been enriched by having shared their love. 

The iPhone 4S

There was a time not to long ago when I would not touch an iPhone with a ten foot pole. I wanted nothing to do with them or Apple. I despised them. And I honestly don't know why, I had never used one.

 Then my husband decided to get one. He figured it out in no time. He took a liking to the fact that he did not have to move apps to the card, or that he did not have to pull the battery or constantly restart it. I was using a old blackberry phone and was due for an update, that was around the time Verizon changed its plan from unlimited to the limited plans. 
We stopped at a truckstop and the Verizon dealer there was having a deal. He proceeded to talk us into buying a 4g Samsung Charge phone. That way we could stay on the unlimited plan and hotspot the phone to use on the laptop.  What a freaking joke. That phone has no service what so ever! The battery does not stay charged at all. Boy they sure did not name this phone properly! Charge my ass! More like DUD!! 

We traded phones, yes we did! I immediately fell in love with the iPhone 4S camera. Snap snap snap! I went on a frenzy! The hubby bought me the iPhone camera lenses, and let me tell you they are awesome! 
These lenses are pretty nifty.  It is an 8X black telephoto lens, fish eye, wide angle + micro lens, with a cute little tripod and case. You can take all kinds of pictures with it! FUN FUN FUN
The photos this little phone can take are amazing! I can snap 400 a day easy, and do it while we are cruising down the road at 60+ mph on very bumpy roads.


(Don't forget we are moving at 60+ mph and the pictures are taken through a filthy windshield.)
The iPhone doesn't have the gray  hue to the screen. For some reason you don't have to squint to read the screen. It may be a smaller screen compared to some but they look so nice. And my headaches are gone!  I also like the way it feels when you hold it. The balance of the iPhone is pleasant. And its so "pretty". 
I love the apps on the iPhone. They may cost around $0.99, but hey for an app that works, and doesn't freeze and frustrate you, well its worth it. Usually I do find free apps, so the occasional buck doesn't bother me. I could go on and on about the bonuses of owning an iPhone. Oh how I love my iPhone. 


Shall we talk about the Android Phones
I have uncontrollable urges to take the phone and run it over with all 18 wheels! I will it set oh so nicely beneath the front tire of our semi and cheer my husband on as he runs it over.

Really that is all I have to say about them. I have two months left until my contract is up. TWO long agonizing months. And then the iPhone5S is all mine! :)