Sunday, December 16, 2012

My AWESOME Neighbors.

We hear a lot about neighbors that are truly horrid, but how often do we hear about wonderful ones?
 Well this is about the best neighbors anybody could ever ask for.

Our neighbors put up with a lot from us, especially when we first moved in and when we rented the house. Loud noises in the middle of the night. Blaring music. Drunken brawls. Rowdy drunken parties. They had their yard flooded when our renters pool broke. And again when the water pipes broke. Did they bitch,  
 NO instead they called us and let us know our pipe had broken!

Our neighbors are a wonderful family. Kind, caring and generous. That is a hard trait to find today. I remember Joyce filling up coffee cups on the night of the flood. She didn't  have to do that. But the wonderful person she is she didn't even blink an eye to do it. She is always there to help even in the worst of times. 

We are gone a lot. Our neighbors are so awesome they let us know when strange things are going on at our house. Some would consider that being nosy. I consider it a very good deed indeed! They let us know when we have packages stuck on the front porch, or when we have people spilling crap in front of our house.
My neighbors are so awesome we get treats delivered to our door step! And when I say awesome I mean AWESOME YUMMY TREATS
I love our neighbors.

I wish I could do more for our neighbors. I don't rightly know what. I don't cook. We are never home. When we are we are noisy "bad" neighbors. (The hubby likes to work on things in the garage and rev up engines). I wish I could tell them how much I appreciate the things they do for us, how kind and loving they are. I would not trade my neighbors for any other neighbors in the world.

Dick, Joyce, "Mom" and Tucker. The worlds best neighbors. Thank you! 


  1. Awww shoot. Thanks so much! Just doin' what comes natural! Glad you enjoyed the treat! :)

  2. :) Joyce I started this "blog" a few days ago.... Added a couple things to it and published it today. So many people bitch about their neighbors, I smile and say we have awesome neighbors!..