Thursday, December 13, 2012

The iPhone 4S

There was a time not to long ago when I would not touch an iPhone with a ten foot pole. I wanted nothing to do with them or Apple. I despised them. And I honestly don't know why, I had never used one.

 Then my husband decided to get one. He figured it out in no time. He took a liking to the fact that he did not have to move apps to the card, or that he did not have to pull the battery or constantly restart it. I was using a old blackberry phone and was due for an update, that was around the time Verizon changed its plan from unlimited to the limited plans. 
We stopped at a truckstop and the Verizon dealer there was having a deal. He proceeded to talk us into buying a 4g Samsung Charge phone. That way we could stay on the unlimited plan and hotspot the phone to use on the laptop.  What a freaking joke. That phone has no service what so ever! The battery does not stay charged at all. Boy they sure did not name this phone properly! Charge my ass! More like DUD!! 

We traded phones, yes we did! I immediately fell in love with the iPhone 4S camera. Snap snap snap! I went on a frenzy! The hubby bought me the iPhone camera lenses, and let me tell you they are awesome! 
These lenses are pretty nifty.  It is an 8X black telephoto lens, fish eye, wide angle + micro lens, with a cute little tripod and case. You can take all kinds of pictures with it! FUN FUN FUN
The photos this little phone can take are amazing! I can snap 400 a day easy, and do it while we are cruising down the road at 60+ mph on very bumpy roads.


(Don't forget we are moving at 60+ mph and the pictures are taken through a filthy windshield.)
The iPhone doesn't have the gray  hue to the screen. For some reason you don't have to squint to read the screen. It may be a smaller screen compared to some but they look so nice. And my headaches are gone!  I also like the way it feels when you hold it. The balance of the iPhone is pleasant. And its so "pretty". 
I love the apps on the iPhone. They may cost around $0.99, but hey for an app that works, and doesn't freeze and frustrate you, well its worth it. Usually I do find free apps, so the occasional buck doesn't bother me. I could go on and on about the bonuses of owning an iPhone. Oh how I love my iPhone. 


Shall we talk about the Android Phones
I have uncontrollable urges to take the phone and run it over with all 18 wheels! I will it set oh so nicely beneath the front tire of our semi and cheer my husband on as he runs it over.

Really that is all I have to say about them. I have two months left until my contract is up. TWO long agonizing months. And then the iPhone5S is all mine! :)

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