Thursday, January 16, 2014

I Hate Mornings...

We had to get up early today, about 3:30ish. of course was still dark. Then we had to trudge across the poorly lit lot, wind blowing and dark ice patches and/or the occasional mud hole we made it inside.  How I manage to make it from the truck to the coffee pot in the morning I will never know. My eyes are always half closed, my head is down, my hood is up and I look like, well that I just crawled out of bed. Thank gawd the hubs is guiding my way, if it weren't for him I would aimlessly roam around the dark parking lot looking for the front door all confused and shit. 

Once we make it to the coffee pot things start to look up, until the morning I gotta pee hits me. We don't have the convince of waking up and peeing. We have to wait, and how that wait seems to take forever some mornings. Those are usually the mornings we are parked WAY across the lot, the mornings where the line to buy the shower and pay for the coffee is 20 deep. Yes, I could use the porta pottie in the truck, but morning pees are big pees! That would mean filling it up faster and the need to empty it sooner. It may not seem like a problem, but trust me, it can be a big deal. 

Finally we get a shower room. First thing a girl does is pee.  Ahhh! Then the regular morning ritual, brushing teeth, figuring out how to turn the shower on. Some days that is a problem. Some of those showers are confusing to a half asleep person. You have to figure out how turn it on, which way is hot. After about 5 minutes of fiddling with the temp, I spend another 3 min, fiddling with the shower head. I like my hot water over my head, not 3 feet above me on the back shower wall. Being short doesn't help reaching some of those shower heads either.  I am stretched as far as I can on my tip toes trying to reach the shower head, just to aim it down a tad. Once in awhile I need to stand on the shower chair to reach it. Those mornings I only hope and pray they don't have hidden cameras in there. If they did they would surely wonder what the hell I was doing climbing around on a chair naked. 

Once I am in the shower, I wonder again if I bolted the door, that usually happens about the time I have soap on my face, so I try to open one eye and peek over to make sure it's locked. When I see that it is, for the 100th time, I finish getting the soap out of my eyes.  
 I finish my shower, get dressed. Do the usual hair, face  etc. pack up my shower bag and trudge back to the truck for the next morning ritual, walking the dogs...

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